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Some news

I abandoned this project a few years ago. I may resurrect it in the future.

Posted by cncr04s 2007-10-17

cncftpbnc Preworking: v0.0.2.1

New version out, alot more code. Progress is slow, but i am making progress. I also made the config program that allows you to edit the configs. its console based, so it can be run via a shell or something. I will release what i have every few days.
Come back to see the progress!

Posted by cncr04s 2005-07-17

progress being made

progress is being made. excuse the long time i was gone. i am back now.

Posted by cncr04s 2005-07-14


rlsable version comming soon..

Posted by cncr04s 2004-05-09

Project Started

This Project is now started!
Public release is comming soon as my current version has private data in it.

Posted by cncr04s 2004-03-05