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Cmgui 2.6.0 released

We are pleased to announce that cmgui 2.6.0 has now been released. It has a completed wx user interface, large number of bugs fixed and new features, please see the download page for more information.

Posted by AlanWu 2009-05-12

User manual now available online

New user manual is now available for viewing on the following page:

This manual will provide old/new users an overview of cmgui and cover different tools and functions available in cmgui.

More topics will be covered over time.

Posted by AlanWu 2008-09-16

CMGUI 2.6.0

cmgui 2.6.0 will be released soon. Major improvements/features added to the next version include fields owned by regions, complete wx user interface, even more powerful textures/images control and etc.

Posted by AlanWu 2008-07-08

cmgui 2.5.0 released

Dec 20th, 2007. cmgui team is pleased to announce a new cmgui release. To get the newest version of cmgui-wx please go to the following page

Posted by AlanWu 2007-12-20

New release coming soon

At last, an update version of the cmgui-wx is expected to be released before the end of 2007. The coming update will include the material editor, spectrum editor and time editor. Three different binary will be available for download -- i386-win32, i686-Linux and x86_64-Linux. The source code of the CMGUI will also be available .

Posted by AlanWu 2007-12-02