Eclipse 3.3.0: problems with CMakeLists.txt

  • Mikko Nissinen

    Mikko Nissinen - 2008-01-14


    I just installed CMake Editor plugin to Eclipse 3.3.0 (Fedora Eclipse 3.3.0, Based on build id: I20070625-1500). The syntax coloring, popup help topics and autocompletion works fine with .cmake files, but none of the features works with CMakeLists.txt files.

    I installed the plugin through Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install... There I entered the URL ... and finally restarted Eclipse.

    Did I miss something?


    • Mikko Nissinen

      Mikko Nissinen - 2008-01-22

      Poor stupid me!

      Can you believe that it helps if:
      1) Right click on the CMakeLists.txt > Open With CMake Editor, or
      2) Window > Preferences > General > Editors > File Assiciations > map CMakeLists.txt to CMakeEd.

      Thanks for a great editor,


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