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--- a/cmajor++/Cm/Cm.Core/Template.hpp
+++ b/cmajor++/Cm/Cm.Core/Template.hpp
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
     virtual ObjectPtr Clone(CloneContext& context) const;
     virtual void Dispose();
     virtual bool IsTemplateParameter() const { return true; }
-    virtual std::string FullName() const { return Name(); }
+    virtual std::string FullName() const;
     int Index() const { return index; }
     ObjectPtr DefaultTemplateArg() const { return defaultTemplateArg; }
     virtual void SetFunction(Function* function);
@@ -156,15 +156,8 @@
     ParamSet paramSet;
-FunctionPtr GetFunctionTemplateFromGlobalTemplateRepository(const std::string& templateInstanceName);
-void PutFunctionTemplateToGlobalTemplateRepository(const FunctionPtr& fun);
-ClassTypePtr GetClassTemplateFromGlobalTemplateRepository(const std::string& templateInstanceName);
-void PutClassTemplateToGlobalTemplateRepository(const ClassTypePtr& cls);
 void TypeCheckTemplateParamList(const TemplateParameterList& templateParammList);
 void ReplaceClassTemplateArgNames(const ObjectPtr& templateArg, const ScopePtr& replaceScope);
-void TemplateInit();
-void TemplateDone();
 } } // namespace Cm::Core

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