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--- a/cmajor++/Cm/Cm.Core/Exception.hpp
+++ b/cmajor++/Cm/Cm.Core/Exception.hpp
@@ -36,14 +36,12 @@
     TypePtr CatchedBy() const { return catchType; }
     TypePtr Catches() const { return exceptionBaseType; }
     virtual void SetCompound(CompoundStatement* compound);
-    virtual void SetCompilationUnit(CompilationUnitPtr compilationUnit);
     virtual void TypeCheckBody(TypeCheckContext& context);
     virtual void CollectLocalVariables(LocalVariableList& vars);
     virtual void GenerateDestructionStatements(DestructionStackPtr destructionStack);
     virtual void SetFunction(Function* function);
     void SetNextHandler(ExceptionHandlerPtr next_) { next = next_; }
     ExceptionHandlerPtr Next() const { return next; }
-    virtual void CheckIfCanThrow(bool& canThrow, TypeCheckContext& context);
     ObjectPtr exceptionTypeExpr;
     std::string exceptionVarName;

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