WARNING: '<IP>' unknown

  • Timothee Besset

    Timothee Besset - 2008-08-26

    I have a host I can ssh to just fine from openssh (Linux), but under cssh I get the following error:

    WARNING: '<IP>' unknown

    (where <IP> is that particular server IP I'm trying to connect to)


    • Duncan Ferguson

      Duncan Ferguson - 2008-08-27

      Is IP an IP address, a hostname or an alias in the .ssh/config file?

      Later versions of cssh cope with ssh aliases, but either of the first two should work without issue.

      What version of cssh are you using on what os?


    • Steve Rubin

      Steve Rubin - 2008-10-01

      I see basically the same thing.

      If I specify an IP address instead of hostname, cssh doesn't get there.  The IP addresses are good - I can ssh to them no problem.  I get:

      WARNING: unknown host <ip address> - ignoring

      cssh -v
      Version: 3.18 (2005/11/28 19:47:37)

      Linux (Gentoo)

      Any ideas?

    • Andrew Carter

      Andrew Carter - 2008-12-29

      I have the exact same problem. SSH to the user@ip works fine - get an error from cssh:

      WARNING: '10.xxx.xxx.xxx' unknown (unable to resolve and not in user ssh config file)

      DNS names do appear to work. I don't have hosts entries for these. For what it is worth, they are on a different subnet.

    • Andrew Carter

      Andrew Carter - 2008-12-29

      And here is the debug output:

      cssh -d aip@10.xxx.xxx.xxx
      Loading keymaps and keycodes
      Attempting name resolution via user ssh config file
      Failed to check host (falling back to gethost): No such file or directory
      WARNING: '10.xxx.xxx.xxx' unknown (unable to resolve and not in user ssh config file)


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