Merge files with layer support

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-10-18

    I'm trying to merge ArcGIS exported pdf's with layers and attributes.

    If I use PageManager to merge the files there are no layers in the resulting pdf; or rather the data is still grouped in OC containers, but the layers haven't been imported and the OC references haven't been updated (no layers).

    I am able to iterate through the source files and create new layers fine, but of course the object ID's will not match the OC ref values of the imported data.  I'm not sure what the best practice would be here to update the references to match the newly created layers in the output file.

    For what it's worth, I notice Acrobat handles this by creating a new top-level layer for each file, and then adds that files layers under it.  That would be acceptable, although I'd prefer to merge layers with the same name.

    Suggestions ?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-10-19

    Figured it out.

    After I import a page I recurse through the page contents looking for marked content with a header of "OC".
    I then lookup the layer by name in the new layers and update the page resource with the matching "OC" value e.g. "OC1" to point to the new layer.

    This works because the orig OC data is preserved per page, even though it is incorrect in the new doc context.  However exported ArcMap attributes, stored as user content, does seem to stripped off, the next task.

    Not sure if this is robust enough to handle all PDF's or if it specific to ArcMap exported PDF's.


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