libgdiplus requires XOrg?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-07-13

    Hi folks,
    I'm using pdfclown library to produce pdf files in my C#/Mono project running on Linux. Everything's fine as long as I run my project on my local Mono environment (Ubuntu with X server installed). but problems arise when I try to run it on my production server, where no graphic server is installed… it seems that libgdiplus (required by System.Drawing) needs an X Server to run properly. Is Xorg really needed to use pdfclown? Is there a way to use this library on a Linux environment without an X server installed?

  • Stefano Chizzolini


    as stated by Miguel de Icaza

    The system can be headless (X does not need to be running). But it's going to need the libraries that libgdiplus links against. You do not need the X server, but you will need some of the X client libraries.

    On the same mail thread a user replied indicating the libraries he put in place:

    It's working now - I had to make sure that these libraries were in place - libfreetext*.so,,, and

    I suggest you to start installing Cairo , then verify any possible further dependency (I don't think font-related libs would be needed as PDF Clown deals directly with fonts).

    Please let us know your findings so as to help other people stranded in the same situation, thanks!


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