Joe Lee - 2012-09-27

When I use "" to test my pdf template file, the field.setValue(newValue) statement to a TextField always set the string font size too big. I have no problem with iText library (but have the same result with PDFBox library.) Is there any way PDFClown can automatically calculate the newValue content font size (according to the TextField size) just like iText does? My example is very simple:

try {
File file = new File("EZ1040FormTemplate.pdf");
Form form = file.getDocument().getForm();
for (Field field : form.getFields().values()) {
if (field.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("ExtraComment"))
}"EZ1040Form_Output.pdf", SerializationModeEnum.Standard);
} catch (Exception e) {}

The "EZ1040FormTemplate.pdf" file is a predefined template PDF file. The "ExtraComment" field is a TextField with inital value as null.
What I expect is the field.setValue(newValue) should behave just like user brings up Adobe Reader and types in the "ExtraComment" field. The text font size will adjust according to the amount of whatever user types. Any suggestion? Thank you very much for your help.