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  • Dusko

    Dusko - 2012-11-08


    I am trying to create PDF Form according your example. But using existing PDF document. Here is the sample code:

    File pdfFile = new File(currentDir + "\\" + "test.pdf");
                Document document = pdfFile.Document;

            public void Populate(Document document)
                // 1. Define the form fields collection!
                Form form = new Form(document);
                document.Form = form;
                Fields fields = form.Fields;

                // 2. Define the page where to place the fields!
                Page page = new Page(document);

                // 3. Define the appearance style to apply to the fields!
                DefaultStyle fieldStyle = new DefaultStyle();
                fieldStyle.FontSize = 12;
                fieldStyle.GraphicsVisibile = true;

                PrimitiveComposer composer = new PrimitiveComposer(page);
                StandardType1Font sf = new StandardType1Font(document, StandardType1Font.FamilyEnum.Helvetica, true, false);
                composer.SetFont(sf, 14);


    I get an error on composer.SetFont(sf, 14);  in PrimitiveComposer.cs in GetFontName.

    Something about NullReference exception in scanner.ContentContext.Resources;

    Can you please tell me what could be the problem, I will provide more details if needed. Is it possible to generate Form from existing pdf document.


  • Stefano Chizzolini


    apparently the resources dictionary was not defined; you should open a bug report  and attach as much information as possible (the full stack trace, for example) so I can reproduce your issuee.

    thank you!


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