Saving to the same file name

  • Rangoth

    Rangoth - 2014-03-18

    I have 2 questions:

    1.) When I try to save as the same file name I opened I keep getting a file in use error. I know that the Serialize function in the sample code section seems to add a ".serializemode" before the ".pdf". So my question would be is it possible to open a pdf file, do something to it, then save it with the same name? Other than of course saving it as something else, deleting the original file and renaming the new one?

    2.) I don't mean this as a jab at the original author or support either, since I am obviously using this free library and it does almost everything I need, but based on the timestamps for the code I am seeing it appears this project is no longer actively supported, is this true? I also looked at PDFSharp and that one seems even older(and in fact will not even open certain PDF based on version and contents). While my GoogleFu is rather weak I also couldn't find anything else out there that is open source and up-to-date.

    I don't exactly need a huge feature set, but unfortunately I am working with all types of modern PDF's with form data and I am having a hard time getting this or sharp to work correctly on them.


  • Andreas Pinter

    Andreas Pinter - 2014-03-19

    Hi Mark,

    @1.) I'm sorry I can't help you with that, since I'm only providing an interface between PDFClown and our own software. For that purpose I simply provide two functionheaders with and without "targetfilename". If the targetfilename is not given I create a tempfile and call the function with targetfilename and do a rename afterwards, just as you said.
    But since this is an open source project you could add the functionality to do a direct save (or at least make the renaming transparent) and provide a patch to be added.

    @2.) As far as I know this project is basically a "one-man show". When you look into the repository you see that Stechio last commited on 2013-12-22. I'd consider that rather active for a one-man open source project.

    - Andreas


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