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New CloverETL 4.7.0

Production release of CloverETL 4.7.0.
Full release notes are available here.

  • Data Services:
    • CLO-11722 Multi-publish Data Service endpoints directly from CloverETL Designer
    • CLO-11721 Convert graph to Data Service REST job
    • CLO-11495 Mark failing Data Service endpoint as "fixed"
    • CLO-11706 Automatic creation of REST job path parameters
    • CLO-11374 Support for form parameters
    • CLO-11356 Data Service endpoints catalogue
    • CLO-11347 Explicitly enable storing of execution history for Data Service endpoint
    • CLO-11331 Data Service example jobs and endpoints
  • Changes:
    • CLO-11740 Allow to use unsupported DB types in dynamic metadata
  • Fixes:
    • CLO-9981 Cannot listen for S3 location - ListFile component works OK with same URL
    • CLO-11697 ConcurrentModificationException when editing dictionary list and execute Success component in the same phase
    • CLO-11678 CopyFiles Fails when Using Update Overwrite Option
    • CLO-11636 SMB2 does not work on WebLogic 12
    • CLO-11398 XMLWriter Cannot Declare XML Namespace
    • CLO-11601 Missing icon error on Mac OS X
    • CLO-5139 Running a graph that uses a subgraph - no debug data count
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 6 days ago

New CloverETL 4.7.0-M1

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.7.0
full release notes:


  • Data Services
    • CLO-10892 Administration UI for DataService Management
    • CLO-10490 Publish REST job on server
    • CLO-10488 Introduce http context in Data Service RESTJob
    • CLO-10483 REST job endpoint description editor
    • CLO-10470 Editor for new Data Service REST job
    • CLO-10467 Create basic Data Service REST job
  • CLO-10784 Graph validation without saving of graph
  • CLO-10628 Improve documentation on DB configuration under Weblogic
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2017-07-19

New CloverETL 4.6.1

Bugfix release of CloverETL 4.6.1
full release notes:


  • CLO-11103 Improved thread dump generation so that whole stacks are displayed
  • CLO-11167 Log a warning when query for dynamic metadata returns records - this leads to low performance


  • CLO-11146 Data Inspector view does not show records for running graphs
  • CLO-11085 File Event Listener on SMB doesn't work with special characters
  • CLO-11049 Extracting metadata from DBInputTable fails with NPE when JNDI is used
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2017-07-19

New CloverETL 4.6.0

Production release of CloverETL 4.6.0
full release notes:


  • Misc
    • CLO-10896 Designer-Server connection diagnostic logging - server side
    • CLO-10759 Imported custom archivators configured to archive just a selected sandbox don't preserve the sandbox value
    • CLO-10648 Data inspector view should indicate incomplete data record set
    • CLO-10505 Add to documentation of installation on WebSphere that the profile name must not contain word "clover"
  • Fixes
    • CLO-10943 XMLExtract: Incorrect output
    • CLO-10991 Cluster nodes are too sensitive to load
    • CLO-10824 ClassCastException when working with Secure parameters
    • CLO-10587 Exported JoinKey component parameter behaves inconsistently
    • CLO-9855 Documentation: Delete instructions on configuration in WEB-INF
    • CLO-10949 Using a wildcard in XMLExtract in Subgraph throws error
    • CLO-10680 Can't import xsd file into wsdl file using relative path on WebLogic
    • CLO-11026 Server console GUI occasionally fails with NPE
  • Compatibility
    • CLO-10930 FlatFileReader fails silently on parsing errors
Posted by Pavel Salamon 2017-06-13

New CloverETL 4.6.0-M1

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.6.0
full release notes:


  • CLO-10558 Designer Tutorial
  • CLO-10569 Automatic debugging on edges
  • Designer UX Improvements
    • CLO-10579 Do not show unneeded Secure Storage prompt at Designer startup
    • CLO-10562 Easier to find search in palette
    • CLO-10559 Designer should parse licenses more leniently
    • CLO-10548 Prevent Designer Windows installer from looking frozen
    • CLO-10672 Data Inspector should indicate that debugging is disabled on the edge
    • CLO-10580 Improve error message of SpreadSheetDataWriter when file extension is not specified
    • CLO-10255 Standardise PLUS sign behaviour in "Edit graph parameters" and "Edit metadata" screens
    • CLO-9748 UP and DOWN button in Edit values wizard in Graph parameter editor type
  • Server Improvements
    • CLO-10596 Unify and improve Server DB structures
    • CLO-10239 Count of aggregated events in task history
    • CLO-10134 Last execution and successes/failures count in listeners table
    • CLO-10613 Remove tracking_* tables
    • CLO-10495 Useless "kill source event" checkbox in Scheduling
    • CLO-9585 Show version and build number on server login page
  • Misc
    • CLO-10564 Add action to open list of Examples
    • CLO-10539 Set charset for new Clover projects to UTF-8
    • CLO-10210 Print Java vendor into the log file
    • CLO-7082 Add a switch to ListFiles to return information about a directory itself, not its contents
    • CLO-6594 CustomJavaComponent documentation should contain where external jars should be located
    • CLO-9991 Salesforce SOQL content assist should be uppercase
  • Compatibility
    • CLO-10096 Update Java bundled with Designer to JDK 8u121
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2017-04-11

New CloverETL 4.5.0

Production release of CloverETL 4.5.0
full release notes:


  • Changes
    • CLO-10512 Drop support of 32bit linux
    • CLO-10405 Send email task: Easier plain text html extraction
    • CLO-10474 SalesforceWriter - allow to configure batch size
    • CLO-10325 Add hint to empty graph editor how to add a component
    • CLO-9936 SalesforceBulkWriter - allow to configure batch mode and size
      ... read more
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2017-03-16

New CloverETL 4.5.0-M2

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.5.0
full release notes:

  • Engine
    • CLO-10300 "ExtFilter" renamed to "Filter"
    • CLO-10204 HTTPConnector respects configured charset (used system default previously)
    • CLO-10108 Better handling of timeout in ExecuteScript
    • CLO-6378 Removed CTL1 support
    • CLO-10331 Removed CTL function resolveParams() with resolveCTL flag... read more
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2017-02-28

New CloverETL 4.4.1

Bugfix release of CloverETL 4.4.1
full release notes:


  • CLO-10034 Confusing ending of truncated extremely long error message in log
  • CLO-10313 Multiple import: ignoring redundant occurrences throws Unexpected null value
  • CLO-10240 Metadata propagation fails for parametrized subgraph hierarchy
  • CLO-10223 objectGUID attribute cannot be correctly obtained from Active Directory
  • CLO-10058 Incorrect Test Launch Service URL when switching to HTTPS
  • CLO-10101 Scheduling: Cron expression edit dialog doesn't work
  • CLO-9995 Redshift: DBLookupTable cannot be used concurrently by two components in one phase
  • CLO-9843 Ordering of sequences in graph xml changes after save
  • CLO-9760 LDAPWriter - byte on input throws NPE
  • CLO-8507 Added config properties are not visible with Oracle DB
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2017-02-14

New CloverETL 4.5.0-M1

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.5.0
full release notes:

  • MongoDB
    • CLO-5728 MongoDB connection supports authenticationDatabase option
    • CLO-10175 Support Mongo 3.X driver
    • CLO-9579 Ability to use SSL with MongoDB
  • Server event listeners
    • CLO-10063 Merge event listener tabs into one
    • CLO-9845 Ignore empty files option for file listeners
    • CLO-10064 Unify layout of editing forms for listeners
    • CLO-10025 Show last performed file listener check
  • Restart action in Execution History
    • CLO-9499 Restart action in Execution History
    • CLO-9709 Restart unchanged job from server UI
  • Salesforce Wave support
    • CLO-9493 Write to Salesforce Wave
  • Cluster changes
    • CLO-10069 Cluster: reset autoresume counter after some time
  • Other improvements
    • CLO-6538 Update JSch to 0.1.54
    • CLO-7448 JSON and XML extract mapping dialog should validate metadata
    • CLO-9633 Data inspector - display quoted string in list
    • CLO-9873 MSSQLDataWriter with sqlncli (bcp for linux) throws "Unable to open BCP host data-file"
    • CLO-8609 SFTP: Slow reading from Titan FTP Server
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2017-02-03

New CloverETL 4.4.0

Production release of CloverETL 4.4.0
full release notes:


  • Salesforce
    • CLO-9915 SalesforceReader subquery join type - left outer join
    • CLO-9902 SalesforceReader - ability to read deleted records
    • CLO-9891 Extract metadata from SalesforceReader
    • CLO-9890 Use SOQL parser also in SalesforceBulkReader
    • CLO-9888 SalesforceReader checkconfig
    • CLO-9963 Prevent using unsupported SOQL functions
    • CLO-9878 SalesforceReader - support functions in subqueries
    • CLO-9853 SalesforceReader - support function convertCurrency()
    • CLO-9835 SalesforceReader - support function count()
    • CLO-9819 SalesforceReader - support function distance()
    • CLO-9827 SalesforceReader - support string literals
    • CLO-9823 SalesforceReader - support polymorphic keys and relationships
    • CLO-9926 SalesforceReader - warn about presence of compound fields in SOQL query
  • Remote Event Listeners
    • CLO-9758 FileListener check - size didn't change for some time
    • CLO-9724 Redesign/reorder file listener form
    • CLO-9919 Polishing of File Event Listener tab
    • CLO-9954 Single click toggle of Scheduler enablement
    • CLO-9906 Show implicit parameters while creating/editing File Listener
    • CLO-9905 Show custom parameters in File Listener's detail
    • CLO-9854 Change default failure notification e-mail template
    • CLO-9623 Event listeners - distinguish mandatory fields
  • Server
    • CLO-9651 Healthy suspended nodes should rejoin cluster
    • CLO-9959 Warn users that the Server is running on OpenJDK
  • Designer
    • CLO-9920 Show decimal precision and scale in Transform Editor
    • CLO-9938 SalesforceReaders - query with Order or Group doesn't work
    • CLO-9935 SalesforceBulkWriter doesn't handle unprocessed records
    • CLO-9933 Internal Salesforce connection persists default hostname ""
    • CLO-9903 SalesforceReader doesn't return subquery results when letter case in query doesn't match
    • CLO-9833 SalesforceReader reads null instead of compound field
    • CLO-9875 Server Temp Space setting not being used after restart
    • CLO-9829 Value of Root context blank in JNDI Browser
    • CLO-8349 Logs should support Unicode characters
    • CLO-9911 Not able to link connection from component editor dialog
    • CLO-9872 EmailFilter throws ConcurrentModificationException
    • CLO-9757 EmailFilter creating multiple duplicate records
    • CLO-9873 MSSQLDataWriter with sqlncli (bcp for linux) throws "Unable to open BCP host data-file"
    • CLO-9915 SalesforceReader subquery join type - left outer join
    • CLO-9890 Use SOQL parser also in SalesforceBulkReader
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2016-12-15

New CloverETL 4.4.0-M2

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.4.0
full release notes:

Features and improvements:

  • Change default encoding to UTF-8
  • Salesforce
    • CLO-9171 Salesforce SOAP Reader
    • CLO-9718 SOQL Editor - Warning for loss of selected elements
    • CLO-9702 SOQL Editor - Add option to easily clear filters
    • CLO-9677 SOQL Editor - Indicate that Drag & Drop is possible
  • Remote Event Listeners
    • CLO-9659 Easily create an e-mail notification on failure
    • CLO-9805 Indicate that e-mail failure notification creates new TaskFailureListener
    • CLO-9723 Specification of URL in File Listener form
    • CLO-9839 Constant URL validation makes it hard to fill the File event listener form
    • CLO-9715 List parameters injected by task failure listener
  • Improvements
    • CLO-9569 Highlight of record count number for selected edges
  • Fixes
    • CLO-9804 Bound response mapping of WebServiceClient causes NullPointerException
  • Compatibility
    • Change default encoding to UTF-8
    • CLO-9831 Default mapping (by name) doesn't work with decimals
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2016-11-21

New CloverETL 4.3.1

Bugfix release of CloverETL 4.3.1
full release notes:


  • Update MongoDB driver to version 2.14.2


  • Cannot create runtime context URL in RunGraph in opensource Engine
  • Designer-Server synchronization seems to be stuck when client-side files can't be created because of invalid characters in file name
  • Issues in Designer with ExecuteGraph running a graph from another sandbox
  • CTL Debugging error "Could not list variables: Can't serialize NullRecord"
  • Multiple "To" email address doesn't work in Event Listener form
  • Wrong return type of getKeys() function in documentation
  • S3 connection validation requires ListAllMyBuckets permission - weaker permissions should be enough
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2016-11-10

New CloverETL 4.4.0-M1

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.4.0
full release notes:

Features and improvements:

  • Salesforce
    • CLO-9172 Salesforce SOAP Writer
    • CLO-9538 SalesforceWriter: non existent file when uploading attachments is reported on reject port
    • CLO-9492 SalesforceWriter: upload attachments to Salesforce via specified path
    • CLO-9502 SalesforceBulkWriter: warning if trying to use unsupported upload of attachments
    • CLO-9428 SOQL editor
    • CLO-9429 SOQL syntax highlighting
    • CLO-9328 Inline edit SOQL in component editor
  • File event listener for remote locations
    • CLO-3934 File event listener for remote locations
    • CLO-9473 Listener for failed listener
    • CLO-9661 Trigger failure listener task only N-times
    • CLO-9590 Higher priority cluster node selection
  • Performance
    • CLO-9466 Designer performance drop for graph with many subgraphs
    • CLO-6584 UniversalDataReader very slow when using wildcards in archives
  • Misc
    • CLO-7143 Redshift JDBC driver bundled with CloverETL
    • CLO-9500 ParallelReader support for S3
    • CLO-9465 Allow to not generate XML declaration in XMLWriter
    • CLO-9412 Make variable tooltip work for records
    • CLO-9244 Improve formatting of CTL in graph xml
    • CLO-9201 Data inspector - search improvement
    • CLO-9535 Update Java in Designer bundle to 1.8.0_101
    • CLO-8973 File URL dialog: explain discrete/source/stream port writing or reading
    • CLO-9530 Implicit metadata is not persisted any more... read more
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2016-10-18

New CloverETL 4.3.0

Production release of CloverETL 4.3.0
full release notes:

Features and improvements:

  • CTL Debugging
    • Hover tooltips for variables
    • Visual improvements for breakpoints view
  • Salesforce
    • Advanced connection tab
    • Timeouts for connection
    • Simplified login host
    • SOQL validation
  • Improved TLS support
  • Persistent lookup allows duplicate keys
  • Parent jobs are kept in filtered execution hierarchy
  • Changed UI of DB connection... read more
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2016-09-09

New CloverETL 4.2.1

Bugfix release of CloverETL 4.2.1
full release notes:


  • Create sandbox directory on import of Server configuration
  • Deleting project from disk outside of Designer should not remove sandbox files
  • Possibility to delete files from disk when deleting sandboxes on Server


  • Visualization of clustered sandboxes is broken
  • Export to CloverETL Server sandbox doesn't work
  • Desiner freezes on disconnected projects
  • Checkconfig caused connection timeout when launching jobs from Designer
  • Synchronization fails on filenames that differ in letter case only
  • CopyFiles: Wrong escaping of plus sign in SFTP password
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2016-08-18

New CloverETL 4.3.0-M2

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.3.0
full release notes:

Features & Improvements:

  • CTL Debugging
    • CTL conditional breakpoints
    • Hit count breakpoints conditions
    • Inspect action
    • Watch action
  • Salesforce support
    • Salesforce connection
    • Salesforce bulk reader
    • Salesforce bulk writer
  • Upgrade of bundled Eclipse 4.5 (Mars)
  • JNDI resource browser
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2016-08-12

New CloverETL 4.2.0

full release notes

Features & Improvements:
  • Data partitioning in CloverETL Server Corporate
  • Amazon S3 endpoint auto-selection for region
  • Synchronized Server projects bugfixes
  • IBM InfoSphere MDM 11.5 support
Posted by Milan Krivanek 2016-06-13

New CloverETL 4.1.4

full release notes:


  • Fixed - UDR's CharByteDataParser does not correctly support big fields
  • Fixed - DataInspector support changed
  • Fixed other minor bugs
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2016-06-02

New CloverETL 4.2.0-M1

Milestone release of CloverETL 4.2.0
full release notes:

Synchronized Server projects:

  • Placeholders for large files
  • Conflicts between local and server copy
  • Ignore files in server project synchronization
  • Unify various clover project natures
  • Convert local project to server project
  • Handling of connection outages
  • Automatic reconnect of Designer to Server
  • Automatic sync on Designer start
  • Integrate version control mechanism for Clover Projects
  • Explain basic use cases of versioning with sync projects
  • Do not modify header of graph unnecessarily
  • Projects from local and partitioned sandboxes should not have java nature
  • When deleting RSE server project, don't delete files on Server... read more
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2016-05-13

New CloverETL 4.1.3

full release notes:


  • Better integration with learning center


  • Fixed - WebServiceClient throws InvocationTargetException on some WSDLs
  • Fixed - QuickBaseImportCSV does not work with output edges connected
  • Fixed - Event Listener - send an email task doesn't work when Reply-to ends with @
  • Fixed - NullPointerException when disposing unused minigraph
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2016-04-07

New CloverETL 4.1.2

full release notes:


  • RichText formatting support in notes
  • Data Inspector view


  • Fixed - WebServiceClient does not respect HTTP headers in some cases
  • Fixed - XMLExtract - Populate parent record does not work when an element is mapped to a field with the same name
  • Fixed - Saving console output of a graph run into a file does not work
  • Fixed - Sorting by Event source doesn't work in Task history
Posted by Jan Sedlacek 2016-02-29

New CloverETL 4.0.8

Bugfix release CloverETL 4.0.8


  • Improved XSD metadata extraction wizard

Bugfixes - Engine:

  • Fixed - SpreadsheetDataWriter - improve hyperlink performance
  • Fixed - SpreadsheetDataWriter - improve hyperlink performance
  • Fixed - SpreadsheetDataWriter - stream mode creates invalid xlsx
  • Fixed - SpreadsheetDataWriter - cells are styled as hyperlinks when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed - LDAP components can't handle values with forward slashes
  • Fixed - BufferedFastPropagateEdge does not correctly manipulate with big records
  • Fixed - DBOutputTable - 'Returning' does not return input fields unless some fields are generated in db
  • Fixed - MSSQLDataWriter corrupts date format defined on incoming metadata
  • Fixed - Incorrect handling of escape sequences in smb protocol File URL
  • Fixed - MongoDBReader placeholders not working in Projection and Order by
  • Fixed - RETURNING clause does not work with INSERT on PostgreSQL... read more
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2015-12-09

New CloverETL 4.1.0

Production release of CloverETL 4.1.0

Full release notes:

New Features & Improvements:

  • Disable component as Trash
  • Enable/disable debug on all edges
  • Improved subgraph port visualization
  • Simplified conditional execution submenu
  • Additional types of parameter editors
  • New built-in directory 'lib' in standard clover project
  • Parsing of .classpath file by Server and ETL Runtime
  • Setup section for Server configuration
  • Monitoring visual improvements
  • Java 8 support
  • Tomcat 8 support
  • Weblogic 12.1.3 support... read more
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2015-09-10

New CloverETL 4.0.7

Bugfix release CloverETL 4.0.7


  • Make UCanAccess default MS Access JDBC driver
  • SpreadsheetWriter - add hyperlink support
  • Backport Validator performance improvements


  • EmailSender ignores port defined in component's attribute
  • Add data type conversion for dictionary lists and maps
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2015-08-17

New CloverETL 4.0.6

Bugfix release CloverETL 4.0.6

Bugfixes - Engine:

  • Fixed: SQL queries ending with semicolon cause graphs failures
Posted by Jaroslav Urban 2015-06-23