Milestone CloverETL 3.5.0-M2

Second milestone release of CloverETL 3.5.0

New Features & Improvements:

  • Validator component
  • Encrypted parameters
  • JSONExtract component
  • Improved Server health monitoring
  • Improved Server usability


  • Fix-length file parsing fixed when metadata contains autofilling fields as last fields
  • JavaBeanReader performance improved by using "nodeName" direct access rather than XPath
  • SpreadsheetDataReader mapping dialog was not opening for corrupt style information in Excel files. (java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException fixed)
  • Fixed file operations paths: relative vs. absolute path for remote location – see attached issue for explanation
  • Function removeNonPrintable() no longer removes non-ASCII accented characters (e.g. chars ä, ö, etc.)
  • Fixed JSONReader: fields containing underscores were not populated in implicit mapping
  • HTML graph export – fixed performance and star ($out.0. = $in.0.) mapping redering
  • Removed limitation for "maximum cache size" in the lookup dialog
  • Fixed Server not being able to process a task (in a listener or scheduled) without "clustering" enabled


  • CloverDataReader/Writer data files not compatible between version 3.4 and 3.5 when these components are used in a mix of jobflows and transformation graphs.
  • Functions ceil() and floor() return decimal instead of number for parameters of type decimal
  • Some conversion functions return NULL instead of throwing an exception
  • Some date functions return NULL instead of throwing an exception
  • Null 'case' values in switch() are now allowed
  • Function get() for lookups now always returns NULL for keys not found or NULL key, exception if unknown field is requested. Before, there was a difference between compiled and interpreted mode - returning null or exception respectively.
  • Fixlen data reading changed in regards to automatic trimming.
  • Built-in MySQL JDBC driver updated to version 5.1.26 (formerly 5.1.22). The new version is optimized for MySQL 5.6.
  • FastSort defaults have been changed. Maximum open files is now 1000 by default, Number of sorting threads is 1.
  • Old version of Designer on Windows is automatically uninstalled when new version is installed (only versions 3.5.0-M2 and newer are uninstalled)
Posted by Pavel Najvar 2013-10-31

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