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closedShop v2.2 Released

Many months after the last release, version 2.2 comes out with much better shipping support and some other options built in.

1. confirm deletion for admin things with javascript
2. receipt printing when viewing orders
3. can choose if you want search results in thumbnail form or not
4. merchant gets an email with order details for each new order
5. order display reworked some.
6. can enter an email signature to be appended to the bottom of every email
7. shipping can be calculated by weight classes (items also have weights associated with them), by total cost of the order, per item or no shipping costs
8. Added chinese language support from Liu Kang-min

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2006-02-26

closedShop 2.1 errors

there have been a few errors introduced in 2.1 because of the replacement of the attributes with newer and better attributes. check out the patches section to get the fixed versions of files

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2005-06-21

closedShop 2.1 release

The new closedShop (2.1) has been released. Many new improvements and bug fixes. See the history log for more details

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2005-05-27

closedShop Release 2.0

Many thought closedShop was dead, but through many months of minor bug fixes and the big push in the past month to get some new stuff done, closedShop has made it through another iteration.

This version comes packed with cool new features and lots of better coding, well not that much.

All are urged to download Install or Upgrade to see the differences.

Changes in 2.0
1. added ccv2 code storing
2. allowed to change email flags for sendmail
3. added affiliates/sales commissions module
4. cosmetic changes with style sheets
5. update quantities and stock tracking - works better now
6. more security against cookie attacks
7. images can be externally linked from another webpage (and also removed)
8. update readme and Documentation files.
9. changed admin login page to show stats and inventory levels
10. you can remove the state list (for non-US)
11. You can restrict country list to only yours
12. cash on delivery option
13. various bug fixes for more stability
14. Installation is easier and checks for more problems

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2005-04-07

Call for Errors

Hello, I have heard through emails and the posting that many people have problems installing closedShop

I have not had these problems, so if you have had problems please email me: with the problem (and fixes) so i can try to make Installing easier.


Posted by Chris Fleizach 2005-03-03

closedShop Release v1.9

closedShop has undergone a lot of improvements in the past few months. This release adds a third party module to assess credit card risk. If you haven't seen closedShop in a while, check it and how may be surprised

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2004-08-07

closedShop v1.6

The new release is here, after almost a year of sporadic improvements, I finally found the gusto to make a new release. Lots of new options and features. Hopefully not an equal number of bugs.

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2004-02-19

closedShop 1.6 on it's way

In about a month, the ground breaking closedShop 1.6 will be released. This feature will allow you to post your items to EBay automatically. It includes CSS support, more shipping options, importing options for products, shipping tracking and different languages. Plus many many more. Keep wringing your hands. It is on the way.

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2003-10-08

closedShop v1.5

closedShop v1.5 makes it out into the wild. New things like integrated PayPal support, dynamic sub categories and other good things

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2003-07-11

closedShop Release 1.4 Comes Out!!

Finally, closedShop 1.4 has come into the world. It addresses many of the problems that we had before. It also adds great features like gift certificate management, pay by check and lots of customization things. Also more international ordering support.

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2003-04-11

closedShop v1.3 Released!

Exciting news, my friends. closedShop v1.3 was released. Mainly because there was an error where if your database wasn't localhost it wouldn't work. But there are some other improvements too.

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2002-05-11

closedShop version 1.2 Arrives

The poorly anticipated arrival of version 1.2 is upon us. Some cool improvements were implemented. You'll have to check it out for more info

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2002-02-26

ReRelease of closedShop 1.1

There was a pretty bad error on my part when I was checking taints and such, so i had to rerelease the package. thus this also includes some stuff we were working on as it was

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2001-10-28

closedShop Release 1.1

closedShop is an open source shopping cart program.

The release of closedShop 1.1 is announced. There were numerous changes and upgrades. Many issues were resolved. To see the complete list of changes download the file and check out the todo.txt list

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2001-10-02

First Official Release of closedShop 1.0

The first official release of closedShop has been released. Complete with easy web based installation and management, closedShop is a full service Perl/mySQL based shopping cart.

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2001-06-27

closedShop - Open for release

The first beta version of closedShop has been released. There is much work to be done, but it works as a simple and functional shopping cart.

Posted by Chris Fleizach 2001-06-05

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