kernel works on gpu but not on cpu

  • mux85

    mux85 - 2010-05-18

    i have tried to execute on a cpu a kernel that works on gpu. i get the classic program build failure. the kernel doesn't make use of image2d or image3d, it uses the cl_khr_byte_addressable_store extension which is supported by the cpu device. i have checked the code with various programs (clootils, openclcodechecker, stream kernel analyzer) and they find no errors.
    i am also able to run the all the opencl samples included in gpu caps viewer except one (which doesn't work also on the gpu).
    what could it be?
    OT how is the work for the next version proceeding?

  • nythrix

    nythrix - 2010-05-19

    Are you running from a console/allocating one? I always forget about that and subsequently spend a whole afternoon pulling out my hair. You can tell you've hit this issue when you can't even build "kernel void K(void){}".

    Not very fast I'm afraid. The repository contains a somewhat more recent code than what's in the pack but it's still missing most of the planned features for 0.8 (n-dimensional array support, pimped documentation). The only thing I'm sure of at this point is the deadline. 0.8.0 will be available in about 4 weeks from now.

  • mux85

    mux85 - 2010-05-19

    yes it was the usual console problem. will amd ever resolve this? or is it intended to be a feature?

  • mux85

    mux85 - 2010-05-19

    anyway the console seems to be necessary only when running con cpu (without the console the kernel can't even be built). on gpu i my kernel "works" (see the other thread) also without the console and allocating a console doesn't change anything


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