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Odd clootils error

  • DarkNeutron

    DarkNeutron - 2010-08-07

    I just got this odd error message when I was trying out the clootils run tests command. This happens whenever I uncheck one of the Devices in the configuration panel. I have two devices, CPU and GPU, and it does not matter which one I uncheck.

    Any ideas what is causing this?

  • Jaroslav Kopecký

    have you got propper instalation of the device, of ATI stream? try some debuging also.
    line 135 is "InvalidDeviceTypeComputeException". and what graphic card? good luck :-)

  • nythrix

    nythrix - 2010-08-11

    Chances are this has just been fixed in the repository. Would you like to check it out?

  • DarkNeutron

    DarkNeutron - 2010-08-12

    I probably should have thought of doing that. The newest version in the repository seems to work fine.


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