OpenCL 1.2

  • Douglas Andrade

    Douglas Andrade - 2011-12-06


    I have a few questions:

    Will there be any change in the code because of OpenCL version 1.2?

    Do you intend to release a new version of Cloo anytime soon?

    This is really a great project man!



  • nythrix

    nythrix - 2011-12-08

    I cannot tell for sure. I haven't finished reading the new specification yet. However, I will not break backward compatibility unless absolutely necessary.
    I was planning a new version in mid-november. In fact, the last commit to the repository was meant to be this version. You'll see updated release notes and change log with the "0.9.1" version number. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on your POV) one user at pointed me to a problem related to callbacks from GPUs, which I haven't been able to fix yet. So, the new version is halted for the moment.
    Bearing in mind that OpenCL 1.2 will not be present in the 0.9 series (that's planned for 0.10+), do you have any other requests concerning the next version?

  • Kai-Chung Yan

    Kai-Chung Yan - 2012-01-08

    0.10+? When for version 1.0?

  • nythrix

    nythrix - 2012-01-08

    The original plan was to have 1.0  come right after 0.9 but Khronos caught me pants down with the new version of OpenCL :) Don't worry about version numbering though. The code is fairly stable by now. IMHO, if this was a web browser you'd be running version 15 or something.

  • Eric Nichols

    Eric Nichols - 2013-11-30

    I've been looking for a .NET wrapper for OpenCL 1.2. Any update on whether or not this will become available for cloo? I'm using python now instead because pyopencl supports 1.2, and 1.2 is a requirement for my project. Thanks for any updates!

    Last edit: Eric Nichols 2013-11-30

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