Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately, all of those utilities are linux based. We, for our sins, are forced to run Windows on the lab machines for normal use. Would you recommend mounting the ntfs partition in a net-boot linux and using one of the tools described below, or is there a better suite of files designed for (or ported to) windows that you'd otherwise recommend.

Again, many thanks.

On 7/31/07, Kristian Hermansen <> wrote:
Hi Brian,

On 7/31/07, Brian Ballsun-Stanton <> wrote:
> We're a moderate sized (100 seats over three different types of boxes) lab
> and we're faced with doing a major re-image in the fall and then patching
> the boxes. Does clonezilla offer utilities for incremental bit-for-bit
> patching instead of just a direct nuke (since we also have some scripts
> which customize each box)?

What if you integrated another tool into the base image?  For example,
when you utilize clonezilla to image the machines at first, the
software which handles incremental updates is already installed
(capistrano, systemimager, puppet, etc).  You can find references to
these tools in my presentation on slide #8:

At Cisco, I wrote my own custom scripts to handle stuff like this, but
maybe a more generalized method should be implemented.  If you have a
more specific question, please feel free to ask...
Kristian Hermansen