hi, guys:

   I'm new in clonezilla live. 
   We have 100 pc with the same hardwares. All installed win7 on partition C. we want to install ubuntu on all those pc. So we install ubuntu on one pc, then use clonezilla to save the ubuntu partition as an image. Then we boot other pc into clonezilla live, using the command:
 sudo /opt/drbl/sbin/ocs-sr -g auto -e1 auto -e2 -c -r -j2 -k -p true restoreparts 2012-11-22-15-img-person-ubuntu sda7

to restore the ubuntu. 
After it finished, the ubuntu can run, but the win7 can not boot anymore. 

I found that clonezilla change the BCD on partition C, so win7 cannot run. after I run the win7pe to autofix the BCD, win7 can run again.

So, my question is: 
   Is it possible not to change the BCD when I restore the ubuntu? 
   further more, why clonezilla want to change BCD? what it change?

Best Regard.