Hi Steven,

I've been using clonezilla for couple of years with great delight - it saved my life sevaral times:-)
But now I've come across this problem I attached.

The facts are:

I cloned an old Dell Laptop 2 years ago. Now the windows crashed on it. There is no working cd rom inside that laptop, so I took out the HDD. I have a USB to IDE&SATA sata cable, and I planned to boot clonezilla with another laptop, attach the crashed hdd, (it has 2 partition - sdb2 with the image for sdb1) and when the clonezilla say me attach the usb device, it gives me this massage:

"unable to enumaret usb device on port 2"

I google a bit, and I made sure to use additional 12 power for that laptop HDD with my USB 2.0 to IDE&Sata Cable.

Do you have any idea what to do?

Additional info. Interestingly I could mount using this HDD to my ubuntu linux desktop, it only works with windows xp now? This laptop HDD has 2 ntfs partition on it, but linux gparted should be able to read&write it.

I use this cable with great care, I don't think the cable is broken.

Best regards,

Zoltan from hungary