The problem you are having is because you (apparently) put everything on a disk or partition. In the unix world we never do that for production. if you categorize your software to "base", "devtools", and the other and put them on different partitions, you won't have this problem.


On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 2:44 PM, Steve Poe <> wrote:
I am not sure if I am asking the question correctly, but we're wondering if Clonezilla can do layered imaging?
For example, we have Dell laptop in which we build a base line image with Windows XP (and now Windows 7). The base image is typically an Office suite, Internet browsers, and printers. We also have developers image for our employees who use development tools (C++, cygwin, SSH, etc.). We have to maintain both types of system images. We'd rather be able to use clonezilla to create packages to layers to we have one main image.
Is something like even possible?
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