I've been trying to configure some clients to automatically boot and start imaging directly.  I've gone through the dcs command line, and ended up with this command line:
/opt/drbl/sbin/drbl-ocs -b -g auto -e1 auto -e2 -r -x -j2 -p reboot -l en_US.UTF-8 startdisk restore 2010-11-12-03-img sda

This seems to  work (I get a menu entry on boot), but the clients then go to single user mode, and seem to wait for something.  I've traced this down to the pxelinux.cfg/default file specifying single user mode, but when I remove that it does not function as I expect.  It then just goes to a log in prompt, and doesn't start the imaging process.

This is the line I'm referring to:
append initrd=initrd-pxe.img devfs=nomount drblthincli=off selinux=0 text 1     clientdir=node_root ocs_opt="-l en_US.UTF-8 -g auto -e1 auto -e2 -r --clone-hidden-data -p reboot restoredisk 2010-11-12-03-img sda"

Is there something else I need to do here?  I've been unable to find any sort of documentation describing this process, so I can't tell if single user mode is normal or not.  Any pointers in the right direction would be great.

Brian Rak