I recently downloaded and burnt Clonezilla Live-CD. Then I could get my FC 6 with two partitioned (first /boot for 100 Mb second one lvm2 formatted- rest of the disk) 80Gb (nearly 12 Gb used) disk image to other PC on network.
Then I tried to restore to another small disk (40 Gb), when I select  "restore disk" option nothing happened, supposing that there's no disk on PC but there is.. After that I select "restore partition" option then Clonezilla got disk drive /dev/hda and partitions hda1 hda2. First partition hda1 is ext3 and restored successfuly but second one lvm2 formatted says;  "sfdisk: no partition table present" and quit..

I checked the Image folder on network there are 2 .sf file, one called "hda-chs.sf" an 1 kb other called "hda-pt.sf" is 0 kb. And Clonezilla complain about the second .sf file. I thougt there could be an error when saving the image and try to 2nd, 3rd images but no luck :(

Any idea?