On 2010年09月23日 02:22, Montaseri wrote:

Can someone please explain a few basic concepts of Customization support in Clonezilla.

I read how one would prepare a custom script and run

/opt/drbl/sbin/ocs-iso -g en_US.UTF-8 -k NONE -s -m ./custom-ocs

But can you explain to me that at what point does this script get invoked. In other words, when does the control (thru rc files and such) is transferred to such custom scripts.

I am assuming it is after the splash screen, but is it before language and keymap selection or after ..somewhere....

The sequence I currently see is
- present splash screen
- present language selection
- present keymap selection
After this.
- start clonezilla or shell
It will replace this "start Clonezilla or shell".

- etc

I would like to customize it so that my script gets invoked either before or after splash screen.

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