Single image for two drives, need to restore second drive

  • Redmage913

    Redmage913 - 2016-12-19

    Hi everyone,

    I was doing a data backup project where I had two drives in a tower that needed capturing. Since I saw the option to select multiple drives when creating an image, I selected both drives (I'll use sda and sdb for reference terms). sda is a standard WinXP installation with associated programs/files/data/etc. formatted in NTFS, and the other is an NTFS volume for data. Both are 160GB drives, with ~100GB used on each. The Clonezilla backup is uncompressed, since I was in a hurry and was running the program on a rather weak machine from 2006. I created the backup through the final free version of Parted Magic.

    At this point, I'm able to restore sda via defaults, but I can't figure out a way to restore sdb, even in the expert options and with the Clonezilla live 20161121 build. I'd be absolutely fine if I was forced to re-restore sda in the process of getting to sdb; I have more than enough blank/unused drives to work with.

    Any/all help would be greatly appreciated. I'm a relative newbie to Clonezilla, so if I'm missing something obvious, please let me know :)



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