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Clonezilla File System Requirements

ann b
  • ann b

    ann b - 2014-06-16


    I am preparing to create my first clonezilla image of the following:

    source: local pc hard drive with Fedora 19 installed.

    destination: external hard drive - lacie 2d quadra (2TB)

    On the local PC, I see the following:

    fdisk -l -->

    /dev/sda - 250.1GB
    /dev/sda1 - Boot* - System = Linux
    /dev/sda2 - System = Linux LVM

    Question 1: How do I confirm I am using LVM 2 (LVM 1 is not supported)? I did try $man lvm and under name it says "lvm - LVM2 tools". I'm sure this is not the correct way to do this, but I couldn't find anything on google.

    Question 2: Does my external hard drive have to be formatted to LVM2 also?

    Question 3: Does anyone have the command to format the external drive to LVM2 (if that's what I need)? Would something similar to the following work?

    // courtesy of

    umount /dev/sdb1

    mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb1 // FAT32 format ok?

    Thank you. I'm sure this is a mishmash of questions that should be directed to the Fedora Forum and those that should be directed here. Please let me know.


  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2014-06-21

    For your questions,
    1) Fedora 19 uses LVM2, not LVM1.
    2) No. Since you mentioned you want to save the image on your external disk. The only requirement is, the file system on the external disk should be supported by GNU/Linux, like ext4, FAT, NTFS...



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