Clonezilla server edition doesn't clone multiple machines at a time

  • rahul

    rahul - 2014-03-19


    We have 4 machines (win7, win server 2008, vista, 8.1) which restoring via clonezilla SE.

    Problem: We are not able to restore images concurrently. While the first machine restores the image, we send restore command to second machine. This stops cloning on first machine and starts cloning on second machine.

    Is there a feature in clonezilla to do concurrent different images ?

    Network is not an issue as we are on private network.

    Looking forward to some advice.


    Last edit: rahul 2014-03-19
  • daffy

    daffy - 2014-03-20

    I am using Clonezilla SE to restore multiple images at the same time with no issue. I have ran into problems in the past on as less powerful machine because the disk IO not good enouogh to do so.

    • rahul

      rahul - 2014-03-21

      ...(I am using Clonezilla SE to restore multiple images at the same time with no issue)....

      You did same OS image on different machines concurrently? I am trying to do different OS images on Different machines, concurrently.

      Last edit: rahul 2014-03-21
  • daffy

    daffy - 2014-03-21

    Hi Rahul

    I have concurrently ran image different machines at the same time with Clonezilla with no issues. I have also done multi-casting and put the same image on different machine with no issues. I don't know your server setup but I am guessing your image is on one hard drive correct? I am guessing you are having a disk I/O issue because I have ran into concurrent restore issues with a machine where the image folder is on one drive.

    Last edit: daffy 2014-03-21

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