How to check if clonezilla is in cloning process

  • rahul

    rahul - 2014-03-19

    Hi Guys

    Can someone tell me how can I check if clonezilla is in cloning process. What I want to do is check if the clonezilla is cloning a machine before sending another command.


  • daffy

    daffy - 2014-03-20

    Not sure what stage you are at but there should be a status bar that pops up showing progress.

    • rahul

      rahul - 2014-03-21


      So here is the flow:

      1) Send restore command to machine 1 to clone a machine
      2) Machine 1 starts cloning
      3) While machine 1 is cloning, send restore command to machine 2
      4) Machine 1 cloning process stops and machine 2 cloning moves forward - THIS is a problem

      I was trying to solve it by checking clonezilla logs or monitor the process which is responsible for cloning. By doing this I can hold off on sending restore command to machine 2.

      Do you know which process i should be looking for which is responsible for cloning?

  • daffy

    daffy - 2014-03-21

    Hi Rahul

    I think I understand what you are doing now. You are chosing restore disk from the server to clone your target. This will work and you can monitor your target machine to see when it is finished.

    Another method is to do this from your target / client machines
    1. Choosing the "Select in client" mode in Clonezilla and select the options you like on the server side
    2. Go to you client machine and boot to PXE and wait. Clonezilla will pop up on your client machine and you can choose restore disk or restore partion from your target machines.

    If your server is strong enough you can run muliple targets / clients.

    Hopefully this helps you out

    Last edit: daffy 2014-03-21

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