Restoring a drive. Unable to find target partition sdb2

6 days ago
  • Phenozd

    Phenozd - 2017-01-09

    I have a computer that won't boot properly anymore. I think its because I edited the grub file but I don't remember what I edited. Regardless, I have a clonezilla disc that would restore the OS. I ran it and got the attached error. Is it possible the partitions are messed up?

  • ndog37

    ndog37 - 6 days ago

    what is the contents of sda-pt.sf and sda-pt.parted in your image folder
    in clonezilla live terminal what is the output of fdisk -l
    do these roughly correspond?
    maybe the disk has changed, or it is a mismatched partition restore to disk restore etc


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