Preseed basic options on usage

20 hours ago
  • joffs

    joffs - 2017-01-11

    I have preseeded my choice of locale and kb map without any problem.
    I would also like to preseed my selection of working with images/partitions but can't seem to find the info.
    I have already looked at the standard preseeding guides and can see all the detailed info about image location etc. but not this basic option.
    Any help greatly aprreciated.

  • ndog37

    ndog37 - 6 days ago

    This question is missing enough details:
    What are you booting from? USB, Local HDD, PXE?
    Is your bios Legacy or UEFI?
    is your disk MBR or GPT
    Where is your image? Local disk, USB, NFS, SMB?

    Depending on your requirements the options change, because you might be using syslinux, ipxe, grub, grub2 or any other number of boot loaders
    Additionally where your image is stored, and if it is network or local or removable media, means your /home/partimag has to be mounted elsewhere etc

    Try either forming a more complete question or searching around more

  • joffs

    joffs - 20 hours ago

    Booting from USB
    legacy BIOS
    MBR disk
    Image on local USB drive


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