initrd filesystem.squashfs

  • ndog37

    ndog37 - 2016-12-19

    Someone wrote a post about putting filesystem.squashfs into a archive *I think it was cpio archive * somewhere. This means you could defined it something like this.

    kernel clonezilla-live/vmlinuz
    append initrd=clonezilla-live/initrd.img
    append initrd=clonezilla-live/filesystem.squashfs.cpio boot=live live-config noswap nolocales edd=on nomodeset noprompt keyboard-layouts=NONE locales=en_US.UTF-8

    However I can't find it again after looking through all my book mark history which is annoying because I want to try this now.

    Does anyone remember how to do this or the original post?

  • ndog37

    ndog37 - 2016-12-30

    Hi Steven thanks for your reply, no I meant calling the filesystem.squashfs as a ramdisk? so i dont have to pull it from the server using tftp or http transfer.


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