#200 ntfsclone not cloning or restoring Windows 7 2.2.2-37 and later


ntfsclone v2014.2.15ar.1 (libntfs-3g) unable to clone or restore Windows 7.
Error is "Failed to use ntfsclone program to save or restore an image!"
Screen shot of VM attached

Current Version is clonezilla-live-2.2.3-10-i486.iso
There isn't a problem with the 20140518-trusty or previous saucy, Suspect the problem started with upgrade of libntfs-3g in 2.2.2-37. There is no problem with 2.2.2-32

Clonezilla.log file below.

Starting /usr/sbin/ocs-sr at 2014-05-21 22:49:17 UTC...
Clonezilla image dir: /home/partimag
Shutting down the Logical Volume Manager
Finished Shutting down the Logical Volume Manager
The selected devices: sda
PS. Next time you can run this command directly:
/usr/sbin/ocs-sr -q -c -j2 -nogui -z1 -i 233 -sc -p true savedisk testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img sda
The selected devices: sda
Searching for data partition(s)...
Searching for swap partition(s)...
The data partition to be saved: sda1 sda2
The swap partition to be saved:
The selected devices: sda1 sda2
The following step is to save the hard disk/partition(s) on this machine as an image:
Machine: VirtualBox
sda (26.8GB_VBOX_HARDDISK__VBOX_HARDDISK_VB21bd210b-feb1ac2c)
sda1 (100M_ntfs_System_Reser(In_VBOX_HARDDISK_)VBOX_HARDDISK_VB21bd210b-feb1ac2c)
sda2 (24.9G_ntfs(In_VBOX_HARDDISK
-> "/home/partimag/testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img".
Shutting down the Logical Volume Manager
Finished Shutting down the Logical Volume Manager
Saving block devices info in /home/partimag/testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img/blkdev.list...
Saving block devices attributes in /home/partimag/testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img/blkid.list...
Checking the integrity of partition table in the disk /dev/sda...
Reading the partition table for /dev/sda...RETVAL=0
The first partition of disk /dev/sda starts at 2048.
Saving the hidden data between MBR (1st sector, i.e. 512 bytes) and 1st partition, which might be useful for some recovery tool, by:
dd if=/dev/sda of=/home/partimag/testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img/sda-hidden-data-after-mbr skip=1 bs=512 count=2047
2047+0 records in
2047+0 records out
1048064 bytes (1.0 MB) copied, 0.0837754 s, 12.5 MB/s
Saving the MBR data for sda...
1+0 records in
1+0 records out
512 bytes (512 B) copied, 0.00082719 s, 619 kB/s
Starting saving /dev/sda1 as /home/partimag/testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img/sda1.XXX...
/dev/sda1 filesystem: ntfs.
Starting saving /dev/sda2 as /home/partimag/testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img/sda2.XXX...
/dev/sda2 filesystem: ntfs.
End of saveparts job for image /home/partimag/testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img.
End of savedisk job for image testnew3gw732-2014-05-21-22-img.
Checking if udevd rules have to be restored...
This program is not started by Clonezilla server, so skip notifying it the job is done.
Now syncing - flush filesystem buffers...

Ending /usr/sbin/ocs-sr at 2014-05-21 22:54:35 UTC...

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