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FaceBook Clone

Project Admins:

FaceBook Cloning with clone scripts

This project was started to make a personal website but it soon took a form of CMS that now allows any user to uplaod the scripts and start manipulating the FB Clone scripts to suit as thus required.

The FBClone scripts are the most light weight, the theme for FB was provided by DyanDeo. Download it, and install. Please let us know, if you've found any bugs. this is a release version 0.1.

1. This CMS/ Script in particular was designed for making Hierarchical paged Websites (and NOT Blogs)
2. It works similar as any other website pages. Creation of new pages are done with database and PHP.
3. Used MySql Database for storing comments and page content data.
4. A person installing this script to use as admin MUST BE a programmer and must know PHP.
5. Looks completely like Facebook while using the theme created by DyanDeo (Which is a default theme - Already included in zip Download)

This script once installed, and once a page is created, the google indexes these pages creates its own google crawler referral page links within a week, that allows any website to be displayed on top 10 search results of google.

All websites using the FB CloneScripts must keep the footer intact. This script is created under The GNU General Public License v3.0.