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MK:DEFSYSTEM 3.5i File Module released.

The latest version of MK:DEFSYSTEM has been packaged up and released. The most important improvements are

(1) ASDF-INSTALL compatibility
(2) Intuitive hierarchical SYSTEMs
(3) CMUCL/SBCL REQUIRE handling.


Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2005-04-26


New release of MK:DEFSYSTEM available.
Several bug fixes, dependency handling now correct, and many more goodies.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2004-02-11


New release of the CL-ENVIRONMENT library: a CLOS based library for programmatic checks of the running environment. Its main use is to facilitate portable development by providing a higher level API to access the SOFTWARE-VERSION, MACHINE-TYPE, MACHINE-INSTANCE etc, facilities.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2004-02-11

MK:DEFSYSTEM 3.3i File Release

An updated version of MK:DEFSYSTEM (the "make" facility for Common Lisp) has been released in the CLOCC repository.

The new version is tagged 3.3i and contains all the changes that appeared in the CVS Repository in the past months.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2002-06-13

CLX 2002-03-29 released

A new version of CLX with some bugfixes and a lot
of portability fixes has been released. Go get some!

Posted by Peter Van Eynde 2002-03-29

Clue Clio new release

This time the demos actually work and the code compiles ;-)

Posted by Peter Van Eynde 2001-12-30

UNION-FIND Data Structures and Algorithms in the CLOCC.

The package UNION-FIND was submitted to the CLOCC.
It can be found in the 'src/ext/union-find' directory.

The version of this package is 0.1. Treat with care.

Marco Antoniotti

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-11-18


Sorry for the double posting.
The Previous announcement about CL-ENVIRONMENT was wrong.

The package released is CL-CONFIGURATION.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-10-10


I released CL-ENVIRONMENT 0.1 as a stand alone

CL-CONFIGURATION is an 'autoconf' for Common Lisp
but it does different things as well.

In particular it abstracts away several implementation and operating system dependent functionalities when dealing with LOGICAL PATHNAMES and various DEFSYS utilities.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-10-10

CL-ENVIRONMENT 0.1 Released.

The firt public release of the CL-ENVIRONMENT package
has been uploaded to the Sourceforge FTP site.

The current version is 0.1.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-06-19

MK:DEFSYSTEM 3.2 File Module Released

I just put up MK:DEFSYSTEM as a "File Module"
for download. This should make it easier for people
to get the file without going through the CVS tree.

I hope this will lead to more widespread use of the

Marco Antoniotti

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-06-16

f2cl and xp added

FORTRAN to Lisp compiler f2cl and
portable pretty-printer xp
have been added to CLOCC in
clocc/src/f2cl and clocc/src/io/xp

Posted by Sam Steingold 2000-06-14

PORT & CLLIB use defsystem now

1. packages PORT (in src/port) and CLLIB (in src/cllib) use defsystem now.

2. "proc.lsp", based on "processes.lisp" (from Cycorp), has been added to PORT. It implements LispM-style portable multiprocessing.

3. CLLIB underwent a large repackaging. there should be fewer dependencies, and you should be able to get what you want without
getting a lot of what you do not want.

Posted by Sam Steingold 2000-02-18


First checkin of the CL.ENVIRONMENT package.
The package has been built to lift various
environment queries at the CLOS level
instead of checking *FEATURES* in ad hoc ways.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-02-08

Queues package added to repository.

Just imported the CL.UTIL.QUEUES package to the repository.

The package has been released under the LGPL.

Please send feedback and suggestions.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-02-03


Added EXPORT of FIND-SYSTEM from package MAKE.

Posted by Marco Antoniotti 2000-01-29

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