Faithful hackers,

About two weeks ago I reached a point were I really needed to find a unit testing framework. And just as
François-René pointed out here the list of potential frameworks was mind numbingly long.

Anyway, luckily Phil's blog reviewed most of the frameworks [] so I was able to set on one for a while.

But as pointed out, the frameworks always cover a small part of the problem domain. There were things in the other frameworks that I really liked but it wasn't sensible to use more than one test framework.

It was at the point I stumbled on
François-René blog, I decided to take up the challenge and consolidate the unit testing frameworks. I have no experience in working on community efforts so I came here because I believe this is were I can get the most useful advice and constructive criticism.

I have written a framework that aims to consolidate all the major features of the frameworks mentioned in Phil's blog. You can find it on Github

I wrote a blog on the development of the framework and reasons for it here for those who are interested.

Tapiwa Gutu