My job is our sole source of income. They exude the stale mustiness of library bookshelves without the passion of the great literature those libraries contain. Assume that you could be a victim.
Spend whatever you have to spend so that your personal computer setup is wrist friendly and mother approved. I adjusted my chairs.
It means re-marketing the Party as the voice of reason, rather than the voice of radicalism. I figured that I had the problem licked. So it quickly became crystal clear to me and to my doctor that things had to change to prevent permanent injury. But Howard Dean represents the best of the left of the Democratic Party. I could scarcely move my wrists.
Our blood pressure goes up, our middle fingers twitch, our teeth grind, but we don't allow this beastliness to get to us.
Rest assured that I am back for good and will shortly return to blogging on a regular schedule. I began wearing a wrist brace.
My job is our sole source of income. One's ideas are never perfect.
My livelihood and many of my hobbies depend upon my ability to spew thoughts through a keyboard.
It is brought on by the demands on our time and attention that have exploded over the past two decades.
to take back the White House.
I couldn't hold a coffee cup.
I even liked his rebel yell in the Iowa caucus and the many musical mixes it inspired. I never felt soreness or tension in my wrists or my hands so I didn't worry. Time to get your personal affairs in order and prepare for Judgment!
Did ADT explain my own withdrawal, my own sense of having too many inputs, too much noise, and too little value attached to them?
Wieso diese Kehrtwende? I gave up all unnecessary typing, including this blog, and stopped commenting on other blogs while I waited for the swelling to subside.
I rarely go through a day without writing pages and pages of text.