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Oncol,og-y M-e,d,. I'n+c_. (OT'C: ONCO ) a Cance*r Tr*e.atment Solut_ion_s Grou.p is s a+i_d to h*a+v_e
exper*ience.d o v_e'r a 10+00% inc+rea se in r*ev_enues f*o r t+h,e 3*r*d q,uarter endin,g J*u'l*y*,
2.0'0 7 co+mpar+ed w i't.h t h.e p.rior y+e,a+r w+hile fis+cal four+th q.uarter res_ults f-o,r 2.0 0_7 a'r*e on
tra_ck to exce-ed t_h.i*s year’ s t hird quart_er resul ts.
O N,C.O addi' tionally pl+ans to i-n crease serv+ice offering' s whic*h a-r-e c*ur+rently underway_-.
D on’t w-a i t f*o*r t-h,e n'e w*s to c_o_m.e o_u_t a.n_d l,o s+e t,h,e to g*e+t in fron t of the
g,eneral in,'vesting p ublic. Oncolog y M-e d is in a multi+'billion dol'lar in-dust*ry w*h*e r+e
t'h*e y a'r*e gain*ing ma+rket sha're rapid'ly.
C_a*l_l y.o.u+r bro*ker n+o'w f-o-r O+N'C O_.