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[feef69] (ytools-1-1) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for branch 'ytools-1-2-dev'

2003-11-08 18:46:28 Tree
[e51401] by airfoyle

See CHANGELOG for recent changes

2003-11-08 18:46:27 Tree
[0341db] by airfoyle

Changed ytload.lisp to allow .lmd files to be in arbitrary places

2003-10-28 17:45:34 Tree
[7ae5c3] by airfoyle


2003-10-27 22:05:47 Tree
[94aa84] by airfoyle

Eliminated Allegro check in depend.lisp

2003-10-27 22:03:37 Tree
[164fe5] by airfoyle

Merging two versions of YTools

2003-10-26 22:09:29 Tree
[fea120] by airfoyle

Minor update

2003-10-26 21:33:34 Tree
[12f2ac] by airfoyle

Minor YTools installation problems fixed

2003-10-26 21:09:13 Tree
[365327] by sds

(file-cmp): new function
(file-equal-p): accept offset[12] a la cmp(1)

2003-10-19 20:47:45 Tree
[8933bb] by sds

~checkout~ -> *checkout*

2003-09-29 17:21:20 Tree
[ec8999] by rtoy

Drop support for versions of CMUCL older than cmu17. Thus, assume
the feature :cmu means cmu17 and later. This will make defsystem a
little more robust against changes in CMUCL's version features.

2003-09-26 21:49:45 Tree
[3c1d24] by sds

a half-hearted attempt at starting to support GCL

2003-09-26 15:30:55 Tree
[32f061] by sds

(xmln=): allow comparison XML-NAMEs with STRINGs
(print-object/xml-name): tweak

2003-09-26 15:28:57 Tree
[6b8f98] by rtoy

Compute the necessary translation for the Fortran directory from the
current translation for clocc instead of hard-wiring the path.

2003-09-25 04:05:55 Tree
[a3c31f] by rtoy

Use (require 'gray-streams) if the version of CMUCL supports package
locks. (This does the necessary package-lock stuff to load Gray
streams without errors.)

2003-09-25 03:47:28 Tree
[1cd2c0] by rtoy

Need to check for reserved names in the fdo macro. (I think.)

2003-09-25 03:43:43 Tree
[7ba076] by rtoy

f2cl8 is a work in progress and only usable by CMUCL so far.

2003-09-20 13:57:24 Tree
[d5fc10] by rtoy

[ 807859 ] translate-pathname strangeness in f2cl6.l

Use merge-pathnames instead of translate-pathnames to compute the name
of the output file.

2003-09-20 13:56:55 Tree
[ebabc0] by pvaneynd

* Fixed typo in template file. Closes: #201469
* Now we use gettext-based debconf. Closes: #205815, #207112

2003-09-16 12:58:27 Tree
[cd6c32] by pvaneynd

* Now follow CL package naming standard.
* Works again with cmucl. Closes: #210273
* Now uses asdf.

2003-09-16 11:23:25 Tree
[077a67] by airfoyle

Adding keyword args to yt-install

2003-08-31 18:26:54 Tree
[54a002] by airfoyle

Fighting defsystem

2003-08-31 18:00:55 Tree
[651e22] by kevinrosenberg

*** empty log message ***

2003-08-23 17:45:57 Tree
[e9c8d4] by airfoyle

Adding documentation file

2003-08-21 21:29:44 Tree
[280aca] (v1) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'v1'

2003-08-21 20:49:38 Tree
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