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[7bb50b] (REL-20011230) by cvs2hg

fixup commit for tag 'REL-20011230'

2001-12-31 11:05:51 Tree
[2cb767] by pvaneynd

forgot examples

2001-12-31 11:05:50 Tree
[9341fb] by pvaneynd

Added a few more bugs from the backlog

2001-12-30 20:52:32 Tree
[a427ea] by pvaneynd

Fixed a status message

2001-12-30 20:51:47 Tree
[eb31cf] by pvaneynd

fixed declarations and some typo's. Now works!

2001-12-30 20:46:54 Tree
[85b137] by pvaneynd

Added some cmucl related bugs

2001-12-28 17:49:46 Tree
[fe429b] by pvaneynd

Sync with clisp

2001-12-28 17:49:15 Tree
[4923ca] by sds

(PRE_TEST, POST_TEST): new variables, used in all targets

2001-12-24 22:18:27 Tree
[ea32d2] by sds

added *-ERROR-IDS

2001-12-24 21:37:34 Tree
[fcf9d9] by sds

(:path-legacy-182): uniform for CLISP

2001-12-24 20:18:21 Tree
[931f64] by sds

grep on solaris does not support -a, and this is not necessary anyway
since the files being grepped are text anyway

2001-12-21 00:12:07 Tree
[d137bc] by sds

updated - CLISP fails just 4 tests

2001-12-21 00:09:19 Tree
[aa9f0e] by pvaneynd

Added logging lisp implementation details

2001-12-20 23:01:05 Tree
[fa9185] by pvaneynd

Sync with clisp

2001-12-20 22:59:18 Tree
[9e16c9] by pvaneynd

Added references for current implementations

2001-12-20 22:57:17 Tree
[f6ab59] by sds

removed the silly conditionals

2001-12-20 19:59:43 Tree
[c8e971] by sds

removed the silly conditional: we test for correctness,
not for implementation specifics

2001-12-20 19:57:48 Tree
[818fdc] by sds

support SBCL
From Raymond Wiker <Raymond.Wiker@fast.no>

2001-12-14 19:06:01 Tree
[6bf913] by pvaneynd

Added extra checks for component banners: they should be a string only. Also now correctly adds this to the herald-items on cmucl

2001-12-14 16:44:15 Tree
[f6abc0] by pvaneynd

Patch from Christof for OpenMCL and removal of installed defsystems

2001-12-13 22:16:13 Tree
[d32976] by pvaneynd

I just want cmucl to go into testing!

2001-12-10 20:57:25 Tree
[f18a0c] by pvaneynd

fixed reindent disaster

2001-12-10 19:57:19 Tree
[0fb69f] by pvaneynd

fixed bogus test

2001-12-10 19:57:01 Tree
[7ce13a] by sds

(*user-bbdb-file*, *user-vcard-file*, *user-native-file*): use `mk-path'

2001-12-07 18:32:09 Tree
[b83c2e] by sds

(*gq-log*): use `mk-path'

2001-12-07 18:31:32 Tree
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