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[458129] by sds

synched witb GNU Savannah CVS

2003-12-10 16:19:58 Tree
[dcd1c2] by sds


2001-06-13 19:25:41 Tree
[c2b4eb] by sds

added tasks

2001-06-08 14:31:34 Tree
[f99669] by sds

LISA uses Rete

2001-06-06 18:13:19 Tree
[a75750] by sds

added LISA as a related project

2001-06-06 18:11:39 Tree
[809c80] by sds

added links to bash and tcsh

2001-06-06 14:49:02 Tree
[dee2c9] by sds

mention ext:getenev being setfable

2001-06-04 14:35:19 Tree
[6c170a] by sds

update the number of library functions

2001-06-03 03:41:45 Tree
[7a269a] by sds

use css; validation buttons

2001-06-02 17:23:59 Tree
[d8631a] by sds

initial checkin

2001-06-02 17:23:07 Tree
[72aa46] by sds

updated; html->xhtml

2001-06-02 14:45:12 Tree
[305f27] by sds

no dos, Linux->GNU/Linux, added BSD; html->xhtml

2001-06-02 14:42:36 Tree
[9b14ae] by sds


2001-06-02 05:37:33 Tree
[496733] by sds

added clash

2001-06-02 05:22:43 Tree
[5d93a7] by sds

initial revision: sds' rendering of the Peter Wood's original

2001-06-02 05:22:01 Tree
[300fc2] by sds

added help wanted

2001-06-01 17:43:11 Tree
[94bac8] by sds


2001-05-31 18:34:00 Tree
[eea377] by sds

fixed the CVS link

2001-05-31 14:34:17 Tree
[3f0101] by sds

refer to latest

2001-05-30 21:04:08 Tree
[335ef0] by sds

no built-in screen editor

2001-05-30 20:50:44 Tree
[2d4175] by sds


2001-05-30 18:11:35 Tree
[85714c] by sds

2.26 is the current version

2001-05-28 15:06:38 Tree
[54c19c] by sds

added https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=1355

2001-05-25 21:43:29 Tree
[7682a1] by sds

added the bytecode spec

2001-05-21 18:19:23 Tree
[5d53fa] by sds

CLISP is now a GNU program

2001-05-15 14:27:40 Tree
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