GNU CLISP 2.26 release

Important notes

* The CLISP extensions have been moved from the CLtL1 package LISP to
separate packages.
If you reply on any of the CLISP extensions, you will need to make
your packages use package EXT, which re-exports all exported symbols
from all extension packages.

* All .fas files generated by previous CLISP versions
are invalid and must be recompiled.

User visible changes

* "LISP" is now a nickname of the ANSI CL package COMMON-LISP.
"USER" is now a nickname of the ANSI CL package COMMON-LISP-USER.
Support for CLtL1 has thus been removed.
For the benefit of package developers, *FEATURES* now contains :LISP=CL.

* The *FEATURES* list now contains :ANSI-CL instead of :CLTL2 even when
running without '-ansi' ANSI compatibility mode.

* ANSI CL compliance: function UPGRADED-COMPLEX-PART-TYPE implemented.

* ANSI CL compliance: macro HANDLER-BIND invokes all handlers
for the condition, not just the first one.

* ANSI CL compliance: CHAR does not check for FILL-POINTER, while ELT does.

* ANSI CL compliance: FUNCTION-KEYWORDS returns 2 values.

* ANSI CL compliance: COMPILED-FUNCTION is a subtype of FUNCTION.

* ANSI CL compliance: implemented compiler macros.

CONSTANTP now takes an optional second argument.

* RUN-SHELL-COMMAND and RUN-PROGRAM now accept a :WAIT argument.

* The compiler now checks the signature of function calls
for all functions, not just the inlined built-ins.

Posted by Sam Steingold 2001-05-23

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