WIN a FREE Wheelbarrow screener and make your own topsoil!

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Innovative new gardening tool will help you screen your own topsoil, compost, mulch. This can give you your own unlimited supply of topsoil. Comes with universal clips that fit all wheelbarrows. Made with easy grip handles and a shovel holder. Constructed with a steel screen and plastic outlay. This makes it easy to screen your own topsoil. Place Wheelbarrow Screener on wheelbarrow. Dig the soil you want to use. Dump soil onto Wheelbarrow Screener. Scrape dirt through screener. Remove roots, rocks, and other debris. You are left with clean screened topsoil in your wheelbarrow to place in your garden or into pots. To be removed from this e-mail list please reply to this e-mail and say remove in the subject line.  Be sure to visit