I am Shashank (a gsoc aspirant) and I have been trying to build clisp however I can't seem to progress.
I have cloned the mercuial repository from here - http://sourceforge.net/p/clisp/clisp/ci/default/tree/doc/

In an earlier exchange of email, Sam Steingold asked me to: 
> Clone the clisp mercurial repo and build from it with threads.
> Observe the crashes in the tests.
> Investigate how you would replace the CLISP hash table implementation
> with the lock-free one.

However as soon as I do :
  1. $ make -f Makefile.devel CFLAGS=MULTITHREAD

I get this error :     (The complete stacktrace is here)
  1. find: `@srcdir@\\..\\modules\\': No such file or directory

So I tried build using configure
  1. $ ./configure --with-threads=POSIX_THREADS
the command runs successfully and in the end, I get the following
  1. Configure findings:
  2.   FFI:        no (user requested: default)
  3.   readline:   no (user requested: default)
  4. libsigsegv: yes
  5. ./makemake  --with-threads=POSIX_THREADS  > Makefile
  6. make: `config.lisp` is up to date.

  7. To continue building CLISP, the following commands are recommended
  8.   (cf. unix/INSTALL step 4 ff):
  9.     cd src
  10.     vi config.lisp
  11.     make
  12.     make check

Later, the execution of `make` and `make check` commands also occurs successfully (with huge amount of execution steps being flushed out on the terminal).

However, I can't possibly seem to locate errors while building with threads, although I may be wrong in execution or looking at the wrong place.
Can you guide me as to how I shall proceed in this regard. Also, how and where the CLISP hash table implementation is used, which in turn should be replaced by a lock-free implementation.

Thanks in advance.