First, thanks for all your help in the past...

I'm trying to use the "eval" function..

With the following defined.

(setq mut-fun '(+ 1 2 3))

(defun test (x)
 (eval mut-fun)


One gets the correct information...
[56]> (test 1)

Changing the mut-fun to
[57]> (setq mut-fun '(+ x 1 2 3))
(+ X 1 2 3)
[58]> (test 1)

The "X" is a global variable, which has value of 100.
The function has a local "x" variable too.  

How do I use the local "x" variable?  
When global "X" is not defined, I get the following message
*** - EVAL: variable X has no value

Thanks for any help and insight..