I installed RedHat 7.1, full installation,  and CLISP 2.27.   Both installations seem to went well without any problems.

My general problem is that CLISP is running very slow. My CLISP program is timed based - It runs an
algorithm for certain periods of time then exits. The program measures runtime not clock time. 
It takes about 3X times longer to run the program. I have checked the processor utilization using the "top" command.  The CLISP program always has 98%+ of the CPU.  In an attempt for a solution, I changed the "priority" of the lisp executable from "0" to "-10".  

Can anyone help?   Could it be a bug in CLISP 2.27?  Could it be a bug in RedHat?   Could it be a RedHat Admin problem?  What demons don't I need?  I'm clueless on a solution.  Should I down grade to RedHat 7.0?   Should I down grade CLISP?   FYI the RedHat system is non GUI. 

I know my CLISP program works well in Windows 2000, and RedHat 7.0.    
Any help is welcome..
Randy Justice