Sam Steingold wrote:
> I thought I was modifying a local copy of the global data, but actually
> the global data was changed as well.

a-list is just a cons cell, which is a reference or a pointer or an
address - call it as you like, but it is not an immediate object in the
sense that you have to explicitly copy it when you want a copy to be

So generally speaking, one has to explicitly copy things that look like an address such as one can use `setf' to modify its content.
> I don't want to modify the global data, since I have to use the global
> data multiple times and change the changes of each action.  Can anybody
> help?

you should copy the global list each time, like this:

(let ((lst (copy-list a-list)))
  (setf lst (change2 lst 10)))

You will probably benefit from reading "ANSI CL" by Paul Graham.
You might also want to subscribe to the comp.lang.lisp newsgoup.

Thanks for your suggestion.  I could not find a copy of Graham's book for the time being.  And I don't think there is any downloadable electronic copy.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

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