Thanks for the pointers... Well there are a number of things of interest to me in that list that I can have a go at:
I'll checkout the source from CVS and start hacking away at it....


On 1/9/07, Sam Steingold < sds@gnu.org> wrote:

Haider Albaghdadi wrote:
> Re: Your posting for Developer Wanted on savannah.gnu.org
> <http://savannah.gnu.org>
> I would like to contribute to the CLISP project, with over 20 years of C
> experience, I am sure that I can offer something.
> If there is an opportunity still available I'd appreciate if you can
> consider me. Thanks.

Thanks for responding!
There is a lot of things that can be done with CLISP.
Please start with checking out the CLISP CVS head source tree.
Some things are listed in clisp/src/TODO
Others can be found in http://clisp.cons.org/wanted.html
Pick your favorite and hack away!