#7 Support the MOP!


CLOS isn't CLOS without the MOP!

Support the MOP! You can clean up with the MOP!

Seriously, nobody else supports the full MOP, so
you could stand out from the crowd, make life
easier for MOP hackers everywhere...


  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2001-08-23
    • assigned_to: nobody --> sds
  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2001-08-23

    Logged In: YES

    would you like to work on this?
    which parts of MOP are not supported?
    what is the MOP reference on-line?

  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2001-08-30
    • assigned_to: sds --> nobody
  • Gorbag

    Gorbag - 2001-10-31

    Logged In: YES

    Yes, I'm willing to work on this.

    The definitive MOP reference is probably _The Art of the
    Metaobject Protocol_ by Kiczales, Rivieres and Bobrow.
    (MITPress 1991)

    The relevant portion of this document is chapters 5 & 6,
    which is the formal specification. These are
    reproduced online at


    A sample implementation (standalone, not integrated
    with the host CLOS) is at


    This implementation is discussed in the book.

  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2001-10-31

    Logged In: YES

    subscribe to <clisp-devel> and send in your patches!

  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2004-05-24

    Logged In: YES

    please take a look at the current CVS HEAD clisp/src/NEWS file.

  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2004-05-24
    • assigned_to: nobody --> haible
  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2004-11-07
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Sam Steingold

    Sam Steingold - 2004-11-07

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for the suggestion - it has been just implemented and
    checked into the CVS repository, and will be available in the next
    If you cannot wait for the next release, you can get the latest
    development sources from the CVS and compile them yourself.
    Please be aware that the development sources are not stable and
    might not even compile on your machine.
    You should report any problems you encounter with the CVS sources
    to the <clisp-devel> mailing list, not to the <clisp-list>.
    If you use the CVS sources, you should read <clisp-devel>
    since the CVS log goes there.


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