CLisp 2.48 without-readline?

  • Giancarlo Mattioni

    I'm a complete noob to CLisp, so apologize for saying incompetencies…
    Installing and using CLisp 2.48 on a WinXP laptop, everything seems going fine, except I can't get the sharp sign "#" to be echoed on the screen - actually, the AltGr key seems not to be recognized.

    In  I  read that Bzoto advises

    > *I had the same problem with an Italian keyboard. You probably should try the "mingw-without-readline" version - on my pc it works*

    Actually, I found that  the package works - the AltGr key starts working again.

    Thus my question is: is it possible to get the latest (2.48) release of CLisp in the "without-readline" version?

    Thanks in advance for any hint.




  • Giancarlo Mattioni

    Hi Sam.

    Thank you for your tip - that was it! :)

    I just had to copy 'n' paste the libsvm.dll to get the whole thing working.

    Best regards.



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