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 benchmarks 2006-04-18 haible haible [560db4] Typo in comment.
 doc 2008-11-11 sds sds [4ab297] cfgsunux.lisp: remove file (suntools users can ...
 emacs 2008-11-12 sds sds [ff5bd2] use clisp-set-change-log-default-name in new fi...
 modules 2008-11-17 sds sds [2b0870] fix module compilation after [threads1] merge
 sacla-tests 2008-02-11 sds sds [67509a] when loading tests/tests.lisp, use *load-pathna...
 src 2008-11-17 sds sds [ef0826] oops, also export writing_to_subprocess to clisp.h
 tests 2008-11-06 sds sds [1990ee] clean up everything!
 unix 2008-11-14 sds sds [9fd7a9] Solaris 8, 9, 10: Use gcc 3.3.* because gcc 4.*...
 utils 2008-11-12 sds sds [686249] (check-signature): use program_error instead
 win32msvc 2008-10-23 sds sds [44fbca] regenerated for last minute 2.47 changes
 .cvsignore 2007-10-26 sds sds [319b37] do not ignore makemake, it is now always in src
 ANNOUNCE 2004-10-29 sds sds [5d7607] updated: mention MOP
 COPYRIGHT 2008-01-23 sds sds [dd0c2e] update year
 GNU-GPL 2005-05-20 haible haible [a496f8] Update FSF postal address.
 INSTALL 2007-10-18 sds sds [832bdb] updated module list
 Makefile.devel 2008-10-24 sds sds [64ae08] replace m4/make.m4 with glm4/gnu-make.m4
 SUMMARY 2008-07-13 sds sds [9a8367] claim ansi compliance
 clisp.spec 2008-05-08 sds sds [eda251] The top-level configure option --build has been...
 configure 2008-10-29 sds sds [6df2bf] replace "grep -e" with "grep" because Solaris 1... 2008-10-24 sds sds [05cc33] 2.47+ (2008-10-24)